Bishop Xavier Drums a Spiritual Connection to the Divine Heartbeat!

Who is Bishop Xavier?

Bishop Xavier Eikerenkoetter, Rev. Ike's only son, has been actively involved within the Ministry for over 30 years, since his youth. Before he began teaching, Xavier read scripture in Church services and introduced his father at Healing and Blessing Meetings.

He was ordained at age 18 and in 1995, Xavier was elevated to Bishop Coadjutor of United Christian Evangelistic Association and Christ United Church Congregations (the non-denominational and metaphysical churches founded by Rev. Ike).

Since then, in this position, the Bishop had presided with his father as second in command of Rev. Ike Ministries up until Rev. Ike's transition in July, 2009.

Now Bishop Xavier has stepped into his destiny as the leader of this Ministry, and his unique voice will help to ensure that Rev. Ike's timeless teachings live on for generations to come.

Since childhood, Bishop Xavier was steeped in his father's teachings and has learned from Rev. Ike's living example of his Science of Living philosophy.

In addition to being an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Director of United Palace House of Inspiration, NYC, Bishop Xavier has received extensive training and advanced degrees in personal transformation techniques, deep meditation, spiritual healing, philosophy and Counseling Psychology.

He is nationally known and respected as an inspirational speaker, and a powerful leader of meditaive experiences, and has done extensive work in the fields of metaphysics and spirituality.

Bishop Xavier has also focused on a personal ministry concentrated around incarcerated youth in the Los Angeles area using traditional West African drumming and rites of passage as tools to mentor and encourage young men to step into responsible manhood.

A Message from Bishop Xavier:

I grew up working in the non-traditional church founded by my father, Rev. Ike, a pioneering minister. It has afforded me many rich and rewarding experiences and given me the impetus to branch out, hence, the broadening of my career focus to include the fields of music and psychology.

I am now fruitfully blending my ministerial and psychotherapeutic work and incorporating my love of ancient cultures (particularly world tribal music and spirituality) into my programs with coming-of-age youth. I am dedicated to helping young people make the successful transition into adulthood.

Through this Rev. Ike Ministries website, our goal is to introduce Rev. Ike's life-changing philosophy to the world, utilizing the power and reach of the internet, and to make his teachings available to all those who wish to benefit from them.

Peace, Love and Prosperity,

Bishop Xavier, Rev. Ike Ministries


Bishop Xavier photo

Bishop Xavier

Rev. Ike and Bishop Xavier

Rev. Ike and Bishop Xavier


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